FUDECO Livestock Specialist participates at Presidential Workshop

FUDECO nominates livestock Specialists as representative to workshop by the Presidency’. I have today nominated Dr Zubairu Adamu to represent FUDECO at the workshop by the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Open Society Institute on the prevention and resolution of farmer-herder conflicts for community and religious leaders.  Dr Zubair is the Vice Chaiman of FUDECO Taraba Chapter, Lecturer in Taraba College of Agriculture also The Managing Director of Taraba College of Agriculture Consultancy Service. He holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine, a Masters in Animal Production/Management and PhD in Animal Production. His PhD thesis is on the farm-herder conflict. He has presented acclaimed papers in conferences in this subject.Presidency has acknowledged the nomination in a prompt reply. The workshop is part of the National livestock development plan By the Federal Government.It is time for a new way of working with and for headers in Nigeria. Our values are transparency, accountability, professionalism, joint-working, honesty, respect, dignity, empowerment. If you would like to join send us a message with your details on why you want to join. SS Nana, Chairman, FUDECO