FUDECO was initiated by S.S. Nana in 2017, following the massacre of Fulbe pastoralists in Sardauna LGA, Taraba State. He spent several weeks in Nigeria trying to understand why it happened, and how to stop future occurrences. His aim was to work with existing pastoralist organisations to add value. However, this was not possible. Following extensive consultations he initiated a campaign to stop the killings. It was agreed at some point to create a separate association alongside the campaign.
A meeting was held in Dr. Abubakar Umar Girei’s residence in Yola about this, a constitution drafted and a WhatsApp Group was created for it, but the initiative did not progress.
Stakeholders suggested we register an NGO and put the campaign under the NGO. Usman Shehu of Deutche Welle suggested a meeting in Germany with Ahmad Shehu who was studying in Polland. SS Nana and Ahmad Shehu met at Usman’s residence in Cologne and decided that the campaign should be transformed into a registered NGO. Usman was going to be Chairman and Ahmad, Secretary. SS Nana preferred to be an adviser.
S.S. Nana went to Germany the second time and met with Usman and the two of them travelled to the Hague in Holland.
Usman created a website and logo for the campaign.
Aisha Bashir Ardo, Usman Shehu and Ahmad Shehu started the process of registering it with the CAC. However, there was a misunderstanding between the three of them.
S.S. Nana, who had taken a back seat, and wasn’t aware, was urged to take a lead – he was reluctant to do so but was persuaded by members. Trustees were identified and he suggested FUDECO after half a dozen names did not go through at the CAC. On 4th April 2019, FUDECO’s certificate of registration was issued by the CAC.
Everyone who was a member before 4th April 2019, is a founding member. A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step …

Our Aims and Objectives

FUDECO is humanitarian, development and participatory research network focused on pastoralism and officially registered in Nigeria. Our broad objectives are as follows:


Empowering pastoralists, preventing and managing communal conflicts.


Working with pastoralists to promote and protect their rights to equal citizenship and participation  in decision-making.


Supporting pastoralists to have access to facilities and infrastructure such as water, health and  veterinary services.


Supporting victims of conflicts such as Internally Displaced Persons, refugees and people in  Distress.


Promoting education, literacy, numeracy, information, advice and guidance.


Promoting and protecting the rights, dignity, respect and integrity of pastoralists including indigenous rights.


Working with other organisations and institutions to advocate for peace among the pastoralists and other communities.


Undertake participatory action research to produce and share knowledge and enable participants take action to resolve the identified issues.


Contribute to the protection of the environment and reducing the impact of climate change.

Our Core Values

Our watchwords are peace through dialogue. We dearly hold the notion of liberty of all communities and individuals, strongly believing in cooperation and collective development. Like other peoples, the individual and collective human rights of the pastoralists should be protected in the most civil ways possible.  We do our work with credibility, competence, transparency, accountability, participation of all. treat people with dignity, equality and value diversity.

Vision and Mission

To bring an end to the current sufferings of the pastoralists, improve their living standards and give them access to all opportunities available in the countries they live in. We shall enhance pastoralism in Nigeria and across Africa to modern standards which in turn, provides the economic resources necessary for the development of the pastoralist communities.   


  • Mr. S.S. Nana (Chairman)
  • Dr. Nafisatu Dahiru Mohammed (OON) (Vice Chairperson)
  • Barrister Musa Isa Arrifi (Secretary General)
  • Prof. Abubakar Abba Tahir (Kaakaakey Fombina)
  • Dr. Abubakar Umar Girei (Wakili Fulbe Adamawa)
  • Haj. Aisha Bashir Ardo
  • Barrister Abubakar Ibrahim Naseh (Lamido Karwanko’en)
  • Engineer Aliyu Umar Sambo
  • Alh Hassan Nyako
  • Mal. Aliyu Bakari Dorofi (Ass. Fin. Secretary)
  • Amb. Jibrilla Adamu
  • Haj. Jamila Hassan
  • Haj. Aminatu Ardo Jibo
  • Pharm. Ahmad Babawuro
  • Abdurahman Usman Leme

National Executive Council (NEC)

  • Engr. Musa Shehu (National Treasurer)
  • Barrister A.B. Wali (National Legal Adviser)
  • Barrister Hassan Hussain (Ass. National Legal Adviser)
  • Manu Zubairu (Ass. Treasurer)
  • Barrister Nuhu Ibrahim (Ass. Secretary General)
  • Dr. Abubakar Ahmed (National Fin. Secretary)
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