ONE OF FUDECO TRUSTEES APPOINTED SPOKESMAN OF FOMBINA EMIRATE.I wish to humbly use the medium to announce a major stride in the life of one of us, Prof. Abubakar Abba Tahir, a member of our Board of Trustees, who has just been conferred with the enviable traditional title of KAKAKI of Fombina Emirate. Adamu Sadiq SaiduCommunication Secretary and PRO of FUDECOCONFERRAL OF TRADITIONAL TITLE* I am pleased to inform you that HRH the Lamido of Adamawa has conferred on me, the traditional title of KAKAKI ADAMAWA. * The position places on me the responsibility to serve as the official spokesman for the Fombina Emirate. * This is the first time in history when the title is being conferred on anyone. * I therefore seek your prayers and support to enable me succeed in this major public responsibility. * You will be duly notified when the date of the turbaning ceremony is confirmed. ATProf. Abubakar Abba Tahir is presently the Vice President for University Relations at the America Universityof Nigeria (AUN). He is a journalist and communication teacher. He was formerly the General Manager of Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation Yola. Since 2008, he taught Communication and Multimedia Studies at American University of Nigeria (AUN) and volunteered at Modibbo Adama University. In this photo Prof. Abba Tahir was chairing our 1st AGM in Kaduna last weekend 28 Nov. 2020.

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