Express Radio Kano report on FUDECO ANNUAL GROUP MEETING 28 Nov.2020.

In the FUDECO Annual Group meeting which was held in Kaduna chapter, Professor SALI Sadu Nana who is the chairman of Fudeco Nigeria, explained that Fudeco was founded to help protect the interests of the Fulani People, preserve their Culture, help in expanding their horizons on both Religious and Western education and help fight for those that are deprived of their basic human rights.

One of the board members and also the chairman Kaduna chapter Dr Nafisatu Dahiru Mohammad also said Fudeco is not against punishing people at fault but the proper channel most be used, if found guilty he/she should procecuted.
In the same meeting Professor Abba Tahir also said that the organisation should try help in making the Fulani people to join schools and learn other skills accusations which will help sustain them financially.

Reporter: Abdullahi Isa Express Radio Kano